For nearly 75 years of Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory has become a leading company of dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus in cheese production and producing more than 150 dairy products.

    Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory complies with the requirements of the modern market and European standards of quality, so 70 percent of the produced cheeses, our company is exported to the commercial enterprises in Moscow and to the various Russian regions.


   zavod 1
The administration building and move to the shop-floor in 2011 year.

    We carefully analyze the quality of incoming raw materials to the company. In order to control the quality of raw materials the laboratory equipment was purchased for every farm: quality analyzer and the analyzer of milk somatic cell counts. In order to maintain the quality of harvested milk during transportation we have a special transportation department, accounting 27 new milk tank vehicles. One of the major problems in the domestic dairy is to provide the farms by refrigeration.

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   In this connection science 2000 year up to date in the farms area run-in and put into operation 122 refrigeration. Today, the plant - is a modern highly technical enterprise equipped with the latest automated equipment, highly qualified specialists, with their traditions and with high production standards.


                            Nonfat milk solids and ice cream shop in 2011.  




   JSC "Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory" has a 70-year history, which dates back to 1939.


  In October 1939, Kobrin City Dairy mechanized factory was formed and began produce the dairy products. Since this year the history of modern JSC "Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory" began. At the initial stage of its development the plant survived from the enemy occupation together with all Belarusians in the difficult years of the World War II, the people were hard looted and were exposed to destruction by fascist.

    Cheese underground floor 1960

   The team of the plant went through this tragedy heroically and after the war, a when Belarus received the liberation, in 1944 the plant began produce in such difficult industrial conditions normal, but at the same time so necessary for our people products: butter, curds and even cheese. 

   Thanks to the labor rise of the people and government support, the plant was rebuilt and produced more and more products with each year. An important fact in the history of the company was the introduction of the new buildings in 1968. And even today, our plant is situated here.

    Boiler station 1960

   Over 70 years of its history "Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory» has come a long way in its development. The growth and the reconstruction of the plant provided an annual milk processing 97 131 tones of milk, 2450 tons of butter, 1,750 tons of cheese. But further the reconstruction was not stopped, the range of products was expanded, the production volumes were increased and the new technology was introduced. The result is that Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory has taken a leading position in the dairy industry in our country.



General view of the plant. 60-ies.