"Rossiyskiy klassicheskiy" 45%

"Rossiyskiy klassicheskiy" 45%


"Rossiyskiy klassicheskiy" 45% - a valuable milk, a highly product, belonging to the group slice processed cheese.

Slice processed cheese, "Rossiyskiy klassicheskiy" 45% is made of cheese, butter, skimmed milk powder by heat treatment with the addition of salt-melters. Cheese has nice cheesy slightly sour flavor. Consistency is moderately dense, slightly elastic, slightly plastic. Color from white to yellow. Processed cheese "Russian classic" good for direct consumption, as well as for salads, the first and second dishes, appetizers, sandwiches.

Пищевая ценность 100 г. продукта:
белки, — 17,4  г.
жиры, — 20,7 г.

энергетическая ценность, —  261,9 ккал
Срок годности: 90 суток 
Количество в тарном месте: 18 штук.