"Gorodskoy" 30%

"Gorodskoy" 30%


Processed cheese "Gorodskoy" 30% fat is based on the best varieties of hard cheese, skimmed milk powder, cream, butter and salt melters, without the use of preservatives. Cream cheese "Gorodskoy" 30% refers to a group lomtevyh processed cheese, has moderately dense slightly elastic texture, expressed cheesy moderately spicy slightly sour taste.

As in the urban bustle of a fully fed, do not forget about health and do not spend time to spare? The answer is simple-it requires cheese "Gorodskoy" 30%. It fits perfectly into the rhythm of modern life - balanced content of fats, proteins and vitamins to help cope with the shortage of energy and gain strength for victory spurt.

Пищевая ценность 100 г. продукта:
белки, — 22,9 г.
жиры, — 12,6  г.
энергетическая ценность, — 205 ккал, - 859 кдж.
Срок годности: 90 суток
Количество в тарном месте: 18 штук