Processed Cheese

Sweet "Shokoladnica" 30%

Processed cheese "Shokoladnica" with a mass fraction of fat in dry matter 30%, belongs to the group of processed cheese with sweet cocoa. It is made from cheese for melting, skimmed milk powder, butter cheese, sugar, cocoa, with added salt melters.

Cыр плавленый "Янтарный ломтик" 45%

Сыр плавленый “Янтарный ломтик” с массовой долей жира в сухом веществе 45% - высокопитательный продукт, изготавливается из сыров с низкой температурой второго нагревания, сливочного масла, молока сухого обезжиренного. 

«Lyubitel'skiy» 45%


Paste processed cheese with a mass fraction of fat in dry matter of 45%. Favorite cheese for the whole family with muffins for breakfast.


Cheese "Yantarnyy" 60% of 100g. (polystyrene cup) Spread the cream cheese with a mass fraction of fat in the dry matter of 60%

"Slivochniy" 45%


Slice processed cheese "Slivochniy" 45% - is a real cream cheese with fresh cream.

«Skazka» 30%


Paste sweet cheese with the taste and aroma of cocoa with fat 30%. Cheese seems like a fairy tale that can not be forgotten.

"Druzhba klassicheskaya" 55%

"Druzhba klassicheskaya" 55%.
In the cheese "Druzhba klassicheskaya" 55% - gentle, plastic consistency, perfectly combined with a nice cheese flavor, allowing you to use it as a standalone product.

"Rossiyskiy klassicheskiy" 45%


"Rossiyskiy klassicheskiy" 45% - a valuable milk, a highly product, belonging to the group slice processed cheese.

«Druzhba» 55%


Paste processed cheese 55%. The wisdom of the classical tradition and taste. Loved by all generations.

"Stolichnyy" 30%

Slice processed cheese "Stolichnyy" 30%

«Omichka» 50%


Paste sweet processed cheese 50% has pure, sweet, vanilla aroma with plastic consistency - just fill you with joy/>

"Kobrinskiy k zavtraku" 40%


Slice processed cheese with 40%. This aromatic cheese with fresh, still warm bread becomes a full breakfast for you and your child.

"Slivochniy" 60%


"Slivochniy" 60% is highly nourishing product is made of cheese with a low temperature second heating, butter, cream, skimmed milk powder.

«Uglichskiy» 60%


Paste processed cheese 60%. Put it on crackers and tea that will be infinite.