Curd "Domashniy" 2% (blade)

Curd "Domashniy" 2% - has a special "home" with  characteristic sour taste, thanks to a specially selected unique sourdough.

The curd composition include: phosphorus and calcium, which are of great importance for blood coagulation system for hair growth, for bone health. The curd lot of protein and fat, rarely any products as an optimal combination of protein and fats.
Curd is very good for the brain, in the curd is a methionine, which helps to fight multiple sclerosis. Because of its low fat content, this cottage is ideal for diets and fasting days.
When added to the diet cheese 2%, the organism receives the required group vitamins such as A and B, and C and the rare group E and K.

Fat: 2%.
Net weight: weight.
Packing: vacuum packing.
Shelf life: 25 days.