Mayonnaise sauce "Provancal neghnyy" 25%

Mayonnaise sauce "Provancal neghnyy" with fat content of 25%, homogeneous creamy, tender product. Has a slightly pungent taste, flavor with mustard. The ideal solution for salads and baking dishes.

Mayonnaise sauce "Provansal' stolovyy" 45%


Mayonnaise sauce "Provansal' stolovyy" 45 % - this is a highly product, which helps with the absorption of the received
These foods. Used for salads, meat, fish dishes, pizzas and for sandwiches

Майонез "Провансаль Люкс" 50% 400г.

Майонез "Провансаль Люкс" 50%. Продукт обладает высокой питательностью и содержит 50% жирности. Майонез "Провансаль Люкс 50%" - классический вкус майонеза провансаль.

Mayonnaise sauce "Shkol'nyy" 44,4%

Mayonnaise sauce "Shkol'nyy" 44.4% - a high-nutritional product, contributes to easy assimilation of food taken with it, so it is rightly considered an indispensable seasoning for many dishes.

Mayonnaise sauce "Provansal' slivochnyy" 30.8%

Mayonnaise sauce "Provansal' slivochnyy" 30.8%. We offer an excellent sauce, indispensable in the preparation of salads, meat and fish dishes. In the production of natural ingredients are used. Thick consistency is achieved due to the high content of vegetable oil, egg yolk and mustard natural.

Mayonnaise "Postnyy" 40%

Mayonnaise "Postnyy" 40% of 200g. (polyethylene film) Mayonnaise "Postnyy" 40% - consists of plant material, contains no animal ingredients.

Mayonnaise sauce "Provansal slivochnyy" 30.5%

Provansal slivochniy  305

Mayonnaise sauce "Provansal slivochnyy" 30.5%

Mayonnaise "Provencal 50%"


The product has a high nutritional value and contains 50% fat