Cheese "Til'ziter" 50%

Cheese "Til'ziter"  50%

Fat: 50%
Weight: 9-10 kg.
Package: film
Shelf life: 150 days
Quantity in package: 2 bars

 Cheese "Til'ziter" with mass fraction of 50% fat from representative collection of European cheeses. It has a pleasant creamy, slightly salty and mild spicy taste, it is an inherent feature of the cheese delicate flavor and aroma of cream. Dense and resilient  "Til'ziter" cheese pulp  has a pale yellow color and rough texture with small eyes. Ripening period of 25 days.
Cheese is a universal application in any menu combines perfectly with rye bread, for salads, pies and sandwiches, can be added to pizza, sauces or baked vegetables. "Til'ziter" would be relevant for the preparation of cream soups, fritters and pancakes, as well as topping for pasta and potatoes. Cheese  harmony with dark beer, flavored tart red and white dry wines.
Cheese is shaped bar weighing approximately 10 kilograms.