Cheese "Gouda" 45%

Cheese "Gouda" 45%
Fat: 45%
Weight: 4-5 кг.
Package: film
Shelf life: 150 days
Quantity in package: 2 bars

Cheese "Gouda" with fat mass fraction of 45% - hard Dutch cheese, a brilliant representative of the European collection of cheeses. Made of high quality cow milk without the use of vegetable fats. Cheese has a thick plastic consistency, taste sweet, soft, creamy with a bright characteristic aroma and creamy sweetness. It is a valuable source of calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary to maintain bone health and the normalization of the brain, as well as milk protein, which supports the operation of muscles. The cheese goes well with all kinds of meat, poultry, potatoes and vegetables.
Dutch Gouda is often served with vegetable marinades, sausages and boiled tongue. After becoming popular around the world, this cheese is harmoniously entered in many national dishes of other nations. Gouda added to pizza, pasta and risotto, very gentle, and it turns out the young cheese fondue in this class.
The cheese is shaped like a bar weighing about 5 kilograms.