Packed cheese "Chernyy Princ" 50%

Packed cheese "Chernyy Princ"  50% 

Fat: 50%
Weight: 200-300g.
Package: film
Shelf life: 90 days
Quntity in package: 16 pcs.

Aged natural rennet cheese with its own individual taste and aroma of baked milk, supplemented by a slight acidity and gentle spicy aromatic flavor. Cheese "Black Prince" is produced from natural high quality fresh milk. It has a plastic consistency; a pattern of holes of angular, slit-like shape; pale yellow dough. Cheese combines a rich bouquet of taste and aroma.

Thin multi-layer polyolefin film can significantly extend the shelf life divided into portions of cheese. It provides preservation of flavor thanks to the reliable protection against odors and gases from the outside. Inside this package special gas environment. Due to the absence of the oxygen product does not deteriorate as quickly as in the case of using a conventional stretch film, and at the same time it breathes, which does not allow the vacuum packaging.