Cheese "Parmskiy Grand" 40%

Cheese "Parmskiy Grand" 40%


Жирность: 40%
Вес: 8-9 кг.
Упаковка: пленка
Срок годности: 120 суток
Количество в тарном месте: 2 головки


Cheese "Parmskiy Grand" 40% - hard cheese with long exposure. Made of high-quality, carefully sorted pasteurized milk using specially selected yeasts causing specific rich cheese flavor. At different stages of maturation of the cheese is different flavors of data from moderate cheese, sweet and spicy flavor to a more pronounced flavor and rich aroma. A moderately dense, plastic, slightly fragile on the bend consistency. A distinctive feature is the packaging of cheese cheese in latex. Cheese is great in its natural form, can also be used in the preparation of cheese dishes. It is often served with fruits. Cheese "Parmskiy Grand" 40% maturing period of at least 120 days.