Cheese «Gubernatorskiy» 50%, 55%

Cheese «Gubernatorskiy» 50%, 55%


Fat: 50%,55%
Weight: 8-9 kg.
Package: fat
Shelf life: 90 days
Quantity in package: 2 heads


Mature classic cheese with an excellent cheese, slightly sour sweet taste and wonderful aroma. The consistency - soft, plastic, color - pale yellow. The main feature of cheese is higher fat content, which gives the cheese a delicate creamy taste and plastic consistence.

-Winner of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus in the Russian market in 2007,";
-Winner of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus-2006";
-Winner-tasting "GUST 2005", "GUST 2006" (guarantor of the success of modern products) in the category "Cheese, semi-solid."