Cheese "Kobrinskiy" 50% 210g

 Cheese "Kobrinskiy" 50% 210g

Fat: 50%
Weight: 210g.
Упаковка: film
Shelf life: 60 days
Quantity in package: 15 pcs.

Cheese semisolid "Kobrinskiy" 50% 210 g - classic natural rennet cheese. Cheese with noble expressive cheese, slightly sour taste exquisite and excellent flavor. Consistency test - plastic, the cheese is easy to cut, color test - pale yellow.

Thin multi-layer polyolefin film can significantly extend the shelf-life split into portions of cheese. It provides preservation of flavor thanks to the reliable protection from external odors and gases. Inside this package special gas environment. Due to the lack of oxygen in the product does not deteriorate as quickly as in the case of using a conventional stretch film, and at the same time breathe, which does not allow the vacuum packaging.