Whole milk products

Milk 3,0% 0,5l.

Milk 3.0% with vitamin C. Ingredients: produced from normalized pasteurized milk. Fat content of 3.0%.

Pasteurized whey

syvorotka small

Whey is rich in valuable proteins, so it is perfectly satisfies hunger. At the same time, the whey is substantially free of fats.

Сream 13%

slivki-13p small

Cream themselves are full of food, have a delicate little sweet taste. It wonderful complement coffee.

Milk 3,0% 1 л.

Молоко 3,0% с витамином С. Состав продукта: изготовлен из нормализованного пастеризованного молока. Массовая доля жира 3,0%.